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1、 Well dewaxing device
2、 Product Description
Product application range
1. Applicable to oil wells with oil-gas ratio below 200 m³/t;
2. Applicable to oil wells with 2" and 4" - 7" tubing.
3. Applicable to wells with different voltages and wellsites without power supply;
4. Suitable for a variety of on-site voltage (220V, 380V, 660V, 1140V);
5. Applicable to test pressure, leak detection, inspection sleeve, and blocking of various oil wells;
6. Suitable for downhole operations and workover rigs, supporting fracturing vehicles, cleaning fouling in pumping units, wellheads, vehicles, tanks, tubing, and oil pipelines, thawing and heavy oil dilution and use of casing and ground pipeline equipment. In the field operations of steam, etc.; can also be used as an active heat source, widely used in the cleaning of various equipment construction.

3、 Technical Parameters
Enterprise implementation standardsQ/DQGKA0001-2016-2016Operating voltage (V)220、380、660、1140
Working environment temperature (°C)-40~+80  Working pressure (MPA)20-35
Maximum displacement of equipment (L/h)40000   Equipment temperature (°C)300
Water temperature (°C)≥90    Thermal power (kw)1300
Triplex plunger pump pressure (MPA)1-40   Steam Pressure (MPA)1.5
Maximum displacement of three-cylinder piston pump (L/h)40000Steam displacement (m³/h)2160
Steam Pump Pressure (MPA)15   Steam temperature (°C)160
Steam pump displacement (L/h)3000     Water tank (L)5000
Centrifugal pump displacement (L/h)22000   Additional fuel tank (L)600
4、 Product details
5、Production process
Customized Superconducting Wax Cleaner Truck

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