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Our History
Founded in 1999, Precision company plays a role of professional knife and tool supplier serving global brands and importers for more than 22 countries and regions. We pursue to provide superior customer service on sourcing, product development, quality control and delivery. We invariably believe top quality is not only able to gain loyalty customers, but also the best way we can grow up with customers sustainably
Our Factory
the whole supply chain management is contributed by our more than 120 long-term cooperated manufacturers, which provide technology support and production capacity. It is essential to maintain the top quality and reliable delivery as well
Our Product
We support and work closely with our customer on their OEM or ODM projects in terms of pocket knife, EDC knife, hunting knife, tactical knife, outdoor tools and gears
Product Application
With years experience of knife and tool industry, we are studying and getting close to knife culture of American. For OEM or ODM projects, we focus on the product performance in the fields like Military, camping, outdoor&hunting, survival And EDC.
Our Certificate
we do factory audit or provide the 3rd party audit report at customer’s request in terms of Factory Capability & Capacity Assessment (FCCA) and Social & Environmental Responsibility (SER).
Production Market

Our major market is North America and Europe, with 40+ business partners, like Smith&Wesson, Kershaw, Thingsremembered, Cabelas, Champion, Norac, etc. And also, we are one of the largest suppliers of Mastercutlery.
Our service
With more than 15 years experience in knife and tool industry, Precision company pursues to provide superior customer service on sourcing, product development, quality control and delivery.To the whole order management, inspection team has specific flow and quality control standard for every product in every stage such as early-production inspection, mid-production inspection, final production inspection and container loading inspection. The key points will reflect in the Progress Sheet and QC Report so that we can track every project’s situation and feedback our customers immediately.Fixed Blade Camping knife manufacturers

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